Cell Tracker App Features

Unique features of Cell Phone Tracker App

Spy WhatsApp: the unique feature of the spy software is that it allows the user to read the conversation of the target cell phone taking place through WhatsApp messenger. You can thus, spy WhatsApp chats easily within few minutes and see the contact list, profile information, shared media, saved content, achieved messages, etc. also you can listen to the recording of a conversation made through WhatsApp calls and also download as well as save the recorded calls.

GPS location log: the user is allowed to track the GPS location of the targeted phone through the use of spying software. Also, you can view the current location of victim mobile on the map. This, way you can know where the victim is present and for how many hours the victim was present at that place. In this way, you can even track the lost mobile of your child, spouse or family member. If the mobile is stolen in that case, also you can use the spying software and know where the cell phone is located and who is operating it.

Social networking logs: users using the spying software not only can spy WhatsApp but they can even spy other social network activities easily of the targeted cell phone. The messages and conversation social media like the Facebook, Twitter and the Instagram can be viewed and saved. Also, you can know the media files, photos and videos are suitable are not. Also to the targeted person is connected to who all peoples can be known by you can if you think they are chatting to fake peoples block them. And restrict their social site usage.

Spy call log: remote spy software has the feature for spying call logs of the targeted phone. This is a good feature by which parents can know how many hours their children spend on mobile calls. They will get the whole recording of the conversation in their control panel. They can know to whom their child been talking and was they talking sensible things or wasting time. Also, they can see call log details like how many times the same number called the targeted cell phone and hour many hours they talked.

Spy photos and videos: the remote spy software helps in monitoring the photos saved in the target mobile. Whenever the picture is clicked from the targeted phone, it will be uploaded to your control panel from where you can see it. In this way, you can monitor the pictures taken by your child, and if you think that your child must not post pictures on the social sites, you can stop them.

In addition, if your child has downloaded any video then that can also be monitored. You can monitor the video saved or hidden video files easily through spy software, also spy WhatsApp videos that are saved or shared on targeted phone.

YouTube videos: with remote spy software you can monitor videos watched on youtube by targeted cell phone. Spying on the content watched on YouTube is necessary as these days many crazy and dirty videos been uploaded on YouTube. These videos are not good to be watched by your children, hence, while monitoring if you find them watching unwanted content then you can lock their YouTube.

Calendar events: the remote spy software is used to spy calendar events of a targeted cell phone. This feature is helpful for parents to know about what’s their child is planning on particular date and time. If you get to know that your child been planning to go out someplace which is not safe, and then you can stop them and help them to be safe. Also if they are planning to go somewhere without telling you, you can then monitor and know their plan.

URL logs: the spy software allows the user to check the URL logs of victims mobile. In this way, you get information like date, time and name of the URL website visited. The number of times the victim visited the website and deleted browser history can be monitored and known. The parents who are worried about their child, thinking that their child is involved in bad activities that are performed through their phones can be monitored easily.

Live control panel: the remote spy software is helpful in viewing the live mobile activity of targeted cell phone. You can see the actual screen of the child’s mobile in real time. In this way, you can also lock their device whenever you wish to do so. As a parent, you have right to safety for your child and family thus, make use of these features.

Text messages spy: the remote spy software is helpful for spying spouse and child mobile. You can monitor that to whom your spouse or child was talking whole day and not paying attention to their studies. You can read all the conversation along with the name and time on which the messages were sent to the target mobile. If you worried your child or spouse is abusing their Smartphone privileges then start spying their text messages today.

Ambient voice recording: remote spy software allows users to use ambient voice recording feature. This feature is crucial in knowing the surrounding activity of target phone. The voice from the surrounding place where target phone is located gets recorded and then uploaded in control panel. When you have the data connection, you can log in your account and then listen to an ambient recording.

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