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Features of free GPS Tracker – NetTracker

Do you ever get the doubt on your other half that he/she is cheating you and meeting someone in private but not telling you about that person? There might be some other lady or men in his/her life but they are hiding this truth and fooling you! You need to find the truth but how? You cannot leave all your work and go behind your partner to see where he goes and whom he chat, etc. Thus knowing the truth thus become harder for you relax! We will assist you to sort out this issue and find the truth. We will tell you that how can you track your partner’s phone and get to know where he/she went and what he/she does.

Features of free GPS Tracker - NetTracker

Features of free GPS Tracker – NetTracker

NetTracker lets you track on cell phone location and have a history of GPS positions.

  • Retrieve the GPS position of the phone every hour with the date, longitude, latitude and location address
  • You can set the interval time to 15 minutes instead of 1 hour
  • View GPS location on Google Map
  • Retrieve position via mobile network if GPS is disabled

Introduction to Cell Tracker App

Introduction to Cell Tracker App

Do you ever hear of spy software? No! Its okay, we will tell you. This is actually a software which when installed in the phone, laptop or PC it allows you to spy on other’s phone without letting that person know about it. There are many types of software which can be used for the monitoring or spying on target phone but if you ask that which is the best software that can be used to spy on the location of the target phone then we will say that making use of the cell tracker app will be good.

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Other Features of NetTracker

You can use this software for tracking the location of your partner’s phone and get the other details of the target phone. The details which you can gather from target phone using this software are as follows-

  • Call recording
  • Contacts info
  • Track location
  • Track password and patterns
  • Search history of browser
  • Record application use
  • Block the inappropriate apps and websites
  • SMS messages recording
  • IM chats

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How to download & install NetTracker

These are the information which you can collect from target phone using the cell tracker app. so, to use this app you need to follow the steps which we tell you here and then you will be able to see the target phone location.

First of all, you should download and install the app on your phone and finally make an account on the site. As you make the ID and password, you need to log in and the control board will open up. Here, you will go to the track location features or GPS tracker and fill the details of the target phone so as to track the location. When you submit the details of the target phone his/her phone will be tracked immediately and you will be able to see-

  • Target phone current location
  • Target phone past location
  • Date and time stamp
  • Distance traveled
  • Name of the place on the map

Looking at all this information you will come to know where is your partner. You will know it that he/she really went to work or he/she is roaming with someone outside the office. You can catch them red-handed when they fool you. This GPS tracker will notify you whenever target person moves from one area to another.

Benefits of NetTracker

The NetTracker also allows the user to record the surrounding voice of the phone and thus, you can hear what target person says or speaks with other people in open. The feature can be used to record the surrounding sound is the ambient listening.

This feature starts to run when you make a hidden call on the target phone and the recording is started automatically. There are lots of features which when used you will be able to reveal the history of the target person. Your spouse will not get the chance to escape from you and you can teach them a lesson which they will remember during their lifetime and never cheat any other person.

Also, if your spouse is tortured or blackmailed by someone then you will come to know about it and you can help them. This is how this spy app will make your life better as well as easier. You will be able to know what reason behind your spouse happiness or sadness is before they tell about it to you. You can keep loving and protecting them.

Also, you can sort out the issues where employees are cheating on you and sharing the company’s info with enemies. Just collect the proof against the employee who is leaking the company’s info using this spy app. You can sort out issues where you need to monitor child and know where he/she going and what they are doing with their friends. So don’t think anymore and truth of your spouse suspicious behavior.

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